School Visit 29th February 2016

school visit image.jpg

I had a great time visiting the nursery class at St Mary & All Saints Primary School in Reading this morning, as part of their ‘Jobs people do’ topic.

I talked to the children about what vets and veterinary nurses do to help animals and how we can look after them and make them better when they are poorly, as well as preventing illnesses. We talked about the types of pet that everyone had at home, what they need and how to look after them

We then had a look at some X-rays to see if they could tell what was on the screen.

The children had the opportunity to listen to their own hearts using stethoscopes and to look at and handle models of bones and dog, cat and rabbit teeth.

We talked about being safe around dogs and how to be a ‘lamp post’ or a ‘tree trunk’ if they were scared by a strange dog.

The children also got to dress up as vets and veterinary nurses in some of our uniforms and have a go at bandaging our big GSD teddy – a big hit with everyone.


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