National Pet Month April 2015

National Pet Month is supported by veterinary teams, animal therapy providers, animal charities, animal experts and pet shops from all over the UK. During national pet month we aim to

  • Promote responsible pet ownership
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of owning a pet
  • Increase awareness of the roles of pet care specialists
  • Highlight the value of assistance and working companion animals.

This year national pet Month will also focus on pets and the elderly enjoying later years together and will highlight the positive impact pets can have on older people.

There will be many events going on for pet lovers this month, including the All About Dogs Show at Newbury Showground 11-12th April. You can also access free webinars about pet care available to pet owners at, with topics including pet care, diabetes, vaccines, hyperthyroidism and reptile care.

Are you a responsible pet owner? Responsible pet ownership can include
  • Learning about your pet’s individual requirements and ensuring you meet them
  • Ensuring your pet has the correct sized living and exercise space – this is especially important for owners of small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and reptiles.
  • Providing a nutritious and well balanced diet
  • Keeping your pet fit, healthy and at the correct weight
  • Protecting your pet against parasites and disease (ask your veterinary nurse for advice)
  • Ensuring your pet receives appropriate veterinary care if they become poorly
  • Neutering your dog, cat or rabbit to prevent unwanted litters
  • Ensuring that your dog is properly identified with a collar tag and microchip
  • Ensuring that your dog is sociable, well trained and under control in public places
  • Cleaning up after your pet

The veterinary nursing team at Castle Vets offer free consultations, by appointment, for you to discuss any aspect of your pet’s care and wellbeing to ensure that you meet all of his or her individual needs. Our nurses are also happy to help anyone who is thinking about getting a pet and can offer advice about what type and breed of pet may fit in with your lifestyle, how to look after a pet properly and the costs that may be involved with pet ownership.

You can find out more about events that may be happening near you by visiting the National Pet Month Website you can also follow them on their facebook and twitter pages.


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